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To improve Matauranga education, we need to challenge and dismantle the colonial discourse that has historically perpetuated negative stereotypes and attitudes towards Māori culture and identity. Instead, we should focus on celebrating the rich diversity of Māori experiences and honoring the unique strengths and perspectives that Māori bring to the classroom.

One way to do this is by promoting a more inclusive and culturally responsive approach to education. This might involve incorporating more Māori perspectives and teachings into the curriculum, providing opportunities for students to learn about and engage with Māori culture, language, and traditions, and supporting Māori students to feel valued and supported in their learning journey.

Te Pūheke is an accredited PLD education provider through the ministry of Education.


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"Taking time to stop and reflect about my own connection to this place. I had never consciously done that. Thank you! It was also hugely valuable to hear about other people and their stories – it really did help to feel more connected to them."
Melinda Bennet