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At Te Pūheke, we empower individuals and organisations to unlock their full potential through Māori knowledge. Our unique approach ensures that this knowledge is integrated into the fabric of your organisation, enriching every aspect of your work.

By embracing Te Ao Māori, your team will gain a deep understanding of Māori culture and values, enabling them to forge authentic connections with the communities they serve.


"Just an outstanding two days. I have done many courses in my career and would rate this at the very top for the impact it had on all present."
Paul Lloyd
CEO of Apollo Projects

Case Study

Embedding Māori Cultural Competency: A Transformative Learning Experience at Apollo Projects Building Company


This case study explores the transformative experience of Māori cultural competency training at Apollo Projects Building Company. With a commitment to cultural understanding and inclusion, the company recognised the importance of incorporating Māori perspectives, values, and practices into their operations. By examining the journey of the company's employees, we explore how Apollo Projects Building Company embraced Māori cultural competency, transforming their organisational culture and practices.


Apollo Projects Building Company recognised the need to enhance cultural competency within their organisation, particularly in relation to Māori culture. They acknowledged the importance of building strong relationships with Māori communities, ensuring their projects are culturally appropriate, and fostering an inclusive work environment. To achieve this, the company embarked on a comprehensive Maori cultural competency training program that aimed to weave cultural understanding into everything they do.

Learning Outcomes

Through the Māori cultural competency training, employees at Apollo Projects Building Company experienced a range of positive learning outcomes. They developed a deeper understanding of Māori cultural protocols, enabling them to engage respectfully with Māori clients, communities, and colleagues. The training increased their awareness of cultural nuances and the importance of acknowledging and integrating Māori perspectives into project planning, design, and implementation. Employees gained confidence in incorporating appropriate cultural elements into their work, promoting greater cultural inclusivity and creating spaces that resonate with Māori values.

Here are some of the comments from participants.

"The content was a lot more interesting and thought provoking than I expected it to be. The historical overview was very interesting and explained a lot of the history that I feel we should all know as New Zealanders. It challenged my understanding of how colonisation has affected Māori and the historical view Kiwi kids have typically learned in schooling."

"Hone Heke was very engaging and open as a facilitator. He was really clear about his purpose and the learning he was wanting to impart. I felt he did a fantastic job of opening up the participants particularly as some of the content was quite personal and sensitive."