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Whakahoki ki tō iwi: As a leader, it is essential to give back to your people

Te tumu herenga waka As a leader, giving back to your people and the community that has shaped and supported you is essential. recognise the power of reciprocity and the impact of collective growth. Contribute your time, knowledge, and resources to uplift others. By enriching the lives of those around you, you create a legacy […]

The seven core values of our Te Pūheke Taniwha

Our Core Values

Last month, the Te Pūheke team engaged in an inspiring brainstorming session. Our goal was to create a set of values that would foster profound connections with the essence of Te Pūheke—capturing our identity and guiding principles. Through collaboration, we identified seven core values that resonate with our mission and aspirations.

Fostering Cultural Identity in Education: Empowering Māori Rangatahi

Rangatahi Kapa Haka

As an educator with more than a decade of experience, I have witnessed firsthand how colonisation has affected my students’ cultural identity. Many of them struggle with a sense of belonging due to physical traits, language barriers, or lack of knowledge about their heritage. However, by providing opportunities for our rangatahi to connect with their culture in meaningful ways, we can help them develop a stronger sense of self and belonging.