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Whakahoki ki tō iwi: As a leader, it is essential to give back to your people

Te tumu herenga waka

As a leader, giving back to your people and the community that has shaped and supported you is essential. recognise the power of reciprocity and the impact of collective growth. Contribute your time, knowledge, and resources to uplift others. By enriching the lives of those around you, you create a legacy that extends beyond personal achievements.

The pou manaakitanga provides care, support, and upliftment to those within your influence. Just as the maunga, awa, and ngahere shape our physical landscape, our people’s collective experiences and wisdom shape the cultural landscape of our iwi.

Enriching the lives of those around us is not just an aspiration it is a responsibility. Through our acts of generosity, we carve a legacy in the hearts and minds of our people. Our legacy is not measured solely by personal accomplishments, but by the strength of the bonds we forge, the knowledge we share, and the opportunities we create for all. Giving back is not just a choice it is an affirmation of our identity and a testament to the enduring spirit of our iwi.

Hokia ki o maunga kia purea e koe I ngā hau o Tawhirimatea” Return to your ancestral mountains to be cleansed by the winds of Tawhirimatea. return to your cultural roots for revitalisation, so you can bring renewed energy, wisdom, and strength to uplift and contribute to the well being and growth of your people.

Te Tumu Herenga Waka Scholarship, established at Kaipara College, is dedicated to empowering Māori students. This scholarship aims to provide vital financial support, enabling recipients to pursue higher education at universities or embark on a journey towards mastering a trade. The inspiration behind this visionary initiative is attributed to my esteemed Uncle Wa, a prominent influencer among the rangatahi in the Kaipara region. His profound impact has been instrumental in nurturing the essence of my own Māori heritage, which resonates deeply within me.

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