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The seven core values of our Te Pūheke Taniwha

Our Core Values

Last month, the Te Pūheke team engaged in an inspiring brainstorming session. Our goal was to create a set of values that would foster profound connections with the essence of Te Pūheke—capturing our identity and guiding principles. Through collaboration, we identified seven core values that resonate with our mission and aspirations. Additionally, we established a meaningful link between these values and our esteemed taniwha, Te Pūheke, symbolising the embodiment of our collective vision.

Here is what we came up with:

1. Whakaritea tētahi wāhi tūhonohono.

Create space to connect

This suggests making room for meaningful connections with others. Whether it’s in conversations or shared activities, fostering an environment that allows genuine interactions and relationships to flourish is essential.

2. Whakarongo kia whakahoki kōrero ai kaua hei whakautu.

Listen to respond, not react

Encourages active listening and thoughtful responses. Rather than immediately reacting to what others say, take the time to genuinely understand their perspective and respond with empathy and consideration.

3. Kia whakawhetai ki te kaha o te whakaraerae.

Embrace the power of vulnerability

Acknowledging vulnerability can be empowering. It fosters authenticity and openness, allowing for deeper connections and personal growth.

4. Tukuna te kaha o te wero me te auaha.

Unleash the power of challenge and creativity

Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth, and nurture creativity to find innovative solutions. Both challenge and creativity go hand-in-hand in propelling personal and collective development.

5. Whakakahangia te whakapono ki ngā mahi whaitake.

Strengthen belief with purposeful action

Belief alone may not bring about change; it requires purposeful action. Acting on one’s beliefs and values reinforces commitment and empowers progress.

6. Whakahoki ki tō iwi.

Give back to your people

Encourages contributing positively to the community and supporting those around you. Acts of kindness and generosity can create a positive ripple effect.

7. Tirohia ki mua.

Check your rearview

Reminds us to reflect on our past experiences and learn from them. Looking back can offer valuable lessons and insights for moving forward more purposefully.

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