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Te Pūheke equips you with the tools to navigate your journey of Te Ao Māori.

Whakakīia o kete mātauranga i ngā pūkenga hou hei whakatere i tō ara ki Te Ao Māori.


Whenua | Land

Whenua explores two key foundations. The importance of Tūrangawaewae, where you're from, and Whanaungatanga, establishing connections through that understanding.

stay grounded

“Heke has made an immediate connection and impact with our teams at all levels, imparting cultural knowledge, experience, and guidance in a way that feels natural, and builds confidence, whilst also challenging us to grow.”

Awa | River

Awa explores the complete history of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, gaining insights into its relevance and significance in today’s world.

show humility

“I could not pick up any unconscious bias which allowed me to go to a space of being open to receiving his content – and add it to my kete of knowledge for the purposes of understanding the dynamics that were in play at that time during the signing of Treaty of Waitangi.”

Moana | Ocean

Moana offers a comprehensive exploration of effective strategies to establish meaningful connections with iwi and whānau.

show openness

“Hone Heke has a great passion for the work he does. Culture is a massive part of high-Performance sports and plays an important role in team bonding. Hone Heke builds trust through telling his unique story and puts a big emphasis on knowing where you come from and what grounds you, our Turangawaewae.”

Whakatipu | Growth

Whakatupu | Growth

Whakatupu will equip you with the transformative tools and knowledge to develop sustainable cultural practices within your organisation.

empower others

“What impacted me the most about the Te Pūheke course was I saw my team open up and share their experiences and emotions in a way I hadn’t seen them do before and I learned so much about them. I loved the passion, empathy, and humour of our ‘guides’.”

Kia mau ki te hoe

Embark on a transformative journey of cultural discovery with our Te Haerenga course.

Our four modules - Whenua, Awa, Moana, and Whakatupu - will immerse you in the rich tapestry of Te Ao Māori, guiding you towards a deeper understanding of the indigenous culture of Aotearoa. Through participation, connection, and reflection, you will discover new perspectives and unlock your cultural potential. So, let’s dig that paddle deep into the water and set forth on a voyage of self-discovery and cultural enrichment.

Ngā Kupu Taurangi

My name is Hone Heke Ngapua-Rankin, I’m the founder of Te Pūheke.

I te taha tōku whaea
Ko Tauwhare te maunga
Ko Ngāti Whātua te iwi
Ko Te Taoū te hapū
Ko Māhuhu ki te Rangi te waka
Ko Whiti Te Rā te marae
Ko Waipatukahu te awa
Ko Kaipara te moana
I te taha o tōku matua
Ko Putahi te maunga
Ko Ngāpuhi te iwi
Ko Matarahurahu te hapu
Ko Ngātokimatawhaorua te waka
Ko Kotahitanga te marae
Ko Punakitere te awa
Ko Hokianga te moana
Throughout my life, my whānau has been instrumental in keeping me grounded in my Māoritanga, ensuring that I always remember and value my cultural heritage. The invaluable knowledge passed down to me from one generation to the next, has motivated me to fulfil my own legacy.

Te Pūheke, established through the visionary leadership of my tupuna, has now become a gateway for everyone to establish a deep connection with Te Ao Māori, fostering a powerful sense of pride and belonging.

Ngā Paiaka | What we do

At our organisation , we are dedicated to unlocking potential through Māori knowledge by providing professional development programmes. We place a high priority on preserving the rich cultural heritage of Aotearoa, while also empowering individuals to apply this knowledge to both their personal and professional lives. Our approach is designed to guide participants towards forming deep, meaningful connections to Te ao Māori.

E whakatopa ki ngā whetū, ki konā koutou tiaho mai ai.
Ascend to the distant stars, and from there, let your perpetual light shine.

Corporate Services
Education Services
High Performance Sport Services

Te Whetū
| Leadership Programme

Te Whetū is a 10-week programme focussed on leadership skills, personal development, and self-improvement, incorporating a Te Ao Māori perspective. The programme is tailored to meet the needs of rangatahi based on input from their kura.

We also offer

Strategic Development
  • Develop a culturally responsive support strategy.
  • Help create authentic te ao Māori values and whakataukī.
  • Develop a consultation process when using te reo Māori and tikanga.
Te Reo Māori and Tikanga Support
  • Support with te reo Māori and Tikanga.
  • Te reo Māori workshops to create pepeha, haka, waiata.
  • Cultural confidence workshops to develop deeper understanding of Te Ao Māori.
Community Engagement and Events​
  • Strategies to develop ideas to engage with your Māori community.
  • Facilitate Māori community events such as Matariki, Māori language week, Te Tiriti o Waitangi.
  • We consult with local iwi to connect with your organisation.

Our whānau